Sunday, January 11, 2009

Casino Jackpot Winner Alleges Deceptive Trade Practices

A Texas man who won a progressive jackpot at Mohegan Sun, supposedly $125,733 according the the machine's digital display, is unhappy with his casino experience. He says the only check he ever received for $125,000 "was the big fake one they used for the picture they took of him. In the end, he says, after he returned to Texas from his holiday visit in Connecticut with family here, he settled for an $81,000 payout." In fact, "on the night of Dec. 26 he was offered only $5,987.30, the first of more than 20 years of annual payments for an annuity that would eventually add up to $125,733. And the check, he says, was produced only after he waited close to six hours in a casino VIP lounge, having been told he couldn't leave." He says, “It's a deceptive trade practice. It's not right.” Read more.

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