Thursday, January 3, 2013

Energy Drinks Face More Scrutiny

The NY Times reported "The distributor of the top-selling energy 'shot,' 5-Hour Energy, has long claimed on product labels, in promotions and in television advertisements that the concentrated caffeine drink produced 'no crash later' - the type of letdown that consumers of energy drinks often feel when the beverages' effects wear off." However, "an advertising watchdog group said on Wednesday that it had told the company five years ago that the claim was unfounded and had urged it then to stop making it." The article mentions that "the dispute over 5-Hour Energy's claim also comes as regulatory review of the high-caffeine drinks is increasing." The US Food and Drug Administration recently said that it has received reports over the past five years of the possible role of 5-Hour Energy in 13 deaths, although this does not necessarily mean that the product was actually responsible for a death or injury.