Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Surgeon Fell Asleep While Operating

This is almost too outrageous: the Boston Globe reports that Dr. Loren Borud "said he had been up all night working on a book, but he kept operating, starting a second case, during which he briefly fell asleep, according to a report from state investigators." The report says that "the operating room nurse called the plastic surgery department twice to report Borud's behavior that morning and early afternoon...and the office nurse told her to 'keep an eye on him.'" However, "no senior surgeon or administrator ordered Borud to stop operating - even though there was widespread awareness of his history of drug and alcohol abuse, according to investigators." Now, the hospital has a week to respond to the report which also found that "Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center provided poor care to Borud's second patient that day."

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