Thursday, July 9, 2009

Report Blames EB Worker for Fatality

I have to wonder if there's more to the story. The Day reports that Ritchie Morse, the Electric Boat worker who died in an accident at the company's Quonset Point manufacturing plant earlier this month, "pressed the wrong button on a hangar door, closing it when he had meant to open it." Apparently, Morse was "moving a section of steel outside using a large transport device with a cab on either end." Morse, who was in the front cab, went to the other cab when it started raining to move the section back inside the main building. "About 20 feet of the transporter remained outside the hangar doors, with about a foot of clearance between the door and the vehicle." Realizing he forgot his hard hat in the transporter's front cab, he exited the vehicle and "tried to squeeze through the small space between the door and the transporter, the police report said. Unable to fit, Morse hit the button on the door, intending to open it, but instead hit the button to close it, witnesses told police." The report says the "door jerked closed ... crushing Morse's head between the door and the transporter." OSHA reportedly "is still investigating." What a horrible tragedy. Something tells me this was preventable and that the victim is not totally at fault.

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