Sunday, April 26, 2009

State Pursuing Disciplinary Charges Against Stamford Doctor

The Courant reports that Dr. Efraim Gomez-Zapata, of Stamford, who has held himself out as "a pioneer in laser liposuction in the Hispanic community" and offered surgeries at discount prices, has been ordered to stop operating his surgical center. "Twice in two years, patients had to be rushed to the hospital after suffering complications from procedures Gomez-Zapata may not have been qualified to perform, state health officials allege in disciplinary records. ... And although Gomez-Zapata had a valid medical license, he didn't have the license necessary to operate a surgical facility. Nor did he have the appropriate staff, equipment, office setup and hospital privileges required in case something went wrong during surgery, state health officials allege." The DPH is pursuing disciplinary charges against him, "accusing him of lacking the proper qualifications to administer anesthesia or perform procedures such as liposuction, scar revision and tummy tucks. He's also accused of failing to obtain appropriate consent from patients, not keeping proper records and operating a surgical facility without the necessary state licensing or licensed staff." Read more.

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