Monday, December 29, 2008

Mixed Martial Arts Not Allowed in CT

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal has issued an opinion that Connecticut statutes do not allow Mixed Martial Arts fighting techniques, which allow fighters to hit opponents who are down, to use backhanded blows and to strike the part of the body that is over the kidneys.

Chapter 532a of the Conn. Gen. Statutes provides that the commissioner of the Department of Public Safety can regulate amateur and professional boxing that takes place at clubs, corporations and associations. An exception exists for college and university supervised boxing and sparring matches, if the DPS commissioner has found the athletic association is capable of ensuring the health and safety of participants. Otherwise, a “boxer” is defined as “a contestant in the sport or skill of fighting with the fist.” Connecticut boxing regulations disqualify boxers who hit an opponent who is down or who is rising from being down. Boxers are not permitted to strike the part of the body over the kidneys, use backhand or pivot blows, employ rabbit punches, hit with the butt or the inside of the hand, or wrestle someone who is on the ropes. Mixed Martial Arts fighting incorporates these forbidden techniques, and prize fighting is illegal in Connecticut. Unless the legislature passes special enabling legislation, Mixed Martial Arts events may not take place in Connecticut.

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